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hotbrewsong, Acton, United States
Acton, United States
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I am a very easy going, gentle woman who is strong of character. I was a member years ago and decided to come back because I am very proud to be a member of this site and would love to encounter both men and women who share in my culture.

I love to get to know people. I believe each of us is comprised of what I call "Spirit Fibre", the beautiful quilt we each carry inside. Whenever I encounter those who have touched my life in any way I add their 'fibre" to my quilt and they become a part of me and hopefully, I have become a part of them. The energy that we share is manifested in the Universe, as we are all one.

I love to share about many things and you will find that I am an excellent listener. If you ask I will share with you my experiences and we can learn from one another.

Relationships of any kind take a great deal of time to nurture. I believe that a true friendship can part and join many times over a lifetime. If the friendship is true when we encounter one another again it's as if time had stopped and we pick up from exactly where we left off.

I have been divorced for over a year. Each of us has gone through a loss that has torn into spirit, yet strength has a way of mending the edges and bringing us back to life. I am ready to return to the adventure after a time of introspectiveness.

I am not the only child of my parents, who has made me very proud. I am also part of a large family. My parents gave me a beautiful foundation of love. I also have one brother, who have beautiful families. We are all very close and this brings me a great amount of joy. Family is where we first learn to experience community. I was given so much and I give so much back!

My favorite pastimes includes reading, writing when the mood strikes, listening to music, watching movies either in the theatre or at home, surfing the net, dining out occasionally, cooking, plays and concerts, museums ( I LOVE the Met), people watching, laughing with children, dogs, board games, scrabble and other usual pleasures.

I enjoy my job most of the time. We all have those days when we wish we were somewhere else but for the most part I love what I do, I like the people I work with and my workers are one of the best people I have ever met.

When I have the opportunity I will post either a few of the things I have written or some of my favorite stories from the internet.

If you have gotten this far and would like to make a new friend AND AS WELL AS SOME ONE WHO CAN TRUELY BE MY LOVE please send me a note. I will respond to all!

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