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marinaparadise, Almetyevsk, Russia
Almetyevsk, Russia
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I think that I am absolutely ordinary person, which simply wants to live this life in an interesting form. Whatever one may do, it is impossible without darling. And for this reason I here. I to you will tell that it is pleasant to me, and that is not pleasant to me. I suspect that in such look you can take a step to disclosure of the one who I am. I like honesty and sincerity, instead of to forgive lie and deception. I love, holding hands under a summer rain and do not like to eat ice-cream alone. I do not love noisy neighbors, but I respect neighbors who can come as the guest and bring candies. I in clothing store, I am a seller, but I never force itself to work at office where people do a puzzled look and pursuing from 8 to 5 o'clock in the evening. It not for me. I studied design of outer clothing and if you want, a warm coat presoak my love I will make it only for you my hands. I like to cook, especially Russian dishes, but I do not love fast food. Hamburgers not for me. I love the quiet and cozy evening atmosphere. I do not play any games, for me everything is serious! It will be very pleasant to me to see you on webcam. I wait...

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