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Warrenton, United States
6' 3"
Caucasian (white)
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"Ever Find yourself wondering what us non superficial guys are like? I have plenty of womanizer friends that treat women like meat, It's always the fluffy guys ( by Fluffy I am quoting Gabriel Iglesias on the levels of Fat Guys. Fluffy is between a little chunky and DAMN!!!!!) that have the most love to give and allways the rock hard ab guys that get the girl. But how long does that last? How many of you have smiled at a Big guy and thought if only he was skinnier. But you cant look at that Jerk at the bar and say if only he was Kind Gentle and a Caring Lover. because he is not. Most of us big fluffy guys would do anything for the love of a woman. And the difference, the real difference between me and that skinny guy is I can change my physique and I am every day working outand losing weight and Gaining Muscle, and when I do finally get to my goal weight, I will find that special someone, the question is do you want to wait to try your chances finding me? Or be with most likely the greatest guy you will ever know through my Transformation to the most desireable Man you will know? I am recently divorced guy(long story no drama), who is looking for that special, someone who enjoys long walks while holding hands and cuddling in front of an open fire, or traveling to romantic places and doesn't mind coming home every now and then to a warm drawn bath and a romantic dinner followed up by what ever leads us to who knows. I am not a drinker but on ocassions will have my fair share. I am a truck driver so I am not around all the time but when I am home I like to be there for you . I am an animal lover who has 3 dogs and 1 cat. I am single but not lookin to stay that way. This is gonna sound like a personal add but I want truth to be known. I am passionate about the things I love and care for. I am a christian guy who enjoys romance( you know moonlit walks, cuddling in front of a warm fire, watchin movies while sharing a blanket, stuff like that.) Don't get me wrong I'm into Muscle cars and Hotrods. But I'm not your stereotype Trucker either. I also like to cook. I am not a superficial guy, I see the beauty inside of someone and then try not to get lost in their outer shell. You may be the most beautiful Woman in the world but if your ugly at heart your ugly all over. I like all types of music, all types of movies, I love to be outdoors and love to travel. No distance is to far to find my soul mate. I have met many lovely people that I consider dear friends and I believe in true love. I am a very good judge of character from the first time I meet some one in person so don't B.S. me I'll know and you'll see me walk away from you. I'm not afraid to tell you how I feel about you even if it pushes you away. I have been married but am single and I am just looking for that someone special, who if you are the one hopefully It leads to more..?"

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